Strategy, Art, and Communications


Thom is a futurist, UMich philosopher and founder of the human pheromone project Pheros and the sexual abuse prevention project Guardian Protocol, now part of Y-Combinator Startup School ‘18. In his spare time, he develops the event aggregator Block Together, in order to better connect and onboard members of the crypto-ecosystem.

He is the former Digital Marketing lead at WhistlePig Whiskey, Aladdin Dreamer and Credit Technologies. He also operates a freelance consultancy for branding and digital strategy and launched the Detroit-based event series As Above So Below, a rooftop multi-sensory experience fusing scent, art, underrepresented musicians and dance music.

He writes at Medium on blockchain, incentive design, culture, and technology and serves as a Community Ambassador for, a privacy-preserving blockchain technology.

Thom is zealous for products, systems and solutions that maximize human welfare and sustainability.