Strategy, Art, and Communications


Thom leads marketing and community growth for Edgeware, a smart contract platform with decentralized governance modules.

He is the former Digital Marketing lead at WhistlePig Whiskey, Aladdin Dreamer and Credit Technologies. He founded the human pheromone project Pheros and the sexual abuse prevention project Guardian Protocol, member of Y-Combinator Startup School ‘18. Alumnus of the University of Michigan, he is an accredited philosopher of ethics.

Thom is the organizer of RadicalxChange Detroit, and leads the Crypto LGBT community Cryptoqueers and Detroit Blockchainers. He contributes to community and advocates for privacy for

He also operates a digital strategy consultancy & writes at Medium on blockchain, incentive design, culture, and technology.

Thom is zealous for products, systems and solutions that maximize human welfare and sustainability. 🏳️‍🌈