Strategy, Art, and Communications

As Above So Below

As Above So Below is a curated event series, providing multi-sensory cultural and recreational experience. AASB began in June 2018 on the rooftop space of the LGBT-operated Briggs bar in Detroit’s downtown. What follows is a white paper on the design and operations of the As Above So Below Event Model, produced so that the model may be reproduced in localities around the world, and it will be updated as we develop.

As Above So Below develops a comprehensive system of experience that encapsulates the core values and powers of the robust Detroit electronic music scene. The project is designed to be thought-provoking, unifying, modular, decentralized, and reproducible. We showcase the talent of local artisans and musicians, with special focus given to female and trans DJs.

The intentional inclusion and showcasing of a diverse array of persons and artworks creates a thriving economic model where all coordinators possess ‘skin-in-the-game’ through the marketing opportunity afforded to their service or product. In this way, Network Effects are leveraged to reach multiple sub-networks at once, creating exponential growth in the user-base and therefore exponential networking value to each participant. In order to maintain rates of growth necessary to reduce marketing time and costs, As above So Below practices a one-month artist rotation period, as well as more frequent rotations of guest DJs and a one month residency for batch-cocktail mixologists.

In short, by inviting as many people as possible to participate in the production, promotional efforts are boosted.

Standards and follow-through for artisan inclusion are necessary to ensure maximum value and loyalty- crediting in photos, cross-promotion, and common perks at venues are reinforcing features that As Above So Below takes advantage of.

Interoperability is achieved through modular and turn-key communications programs, strategic corporate partnerships with event venues and spirits manufacturers and distributors, all of which increase our network size. These relationships boost resiliency of the project by reducing existential risk due to cash flow gaps or logistical and managerial change.

For many venues, speed of service is a win-win for staff and clientele. In order to increase turn-time for bar-patrons at our venues while also providing a unique and convenient sensory experience complementing the event, AASB coordinates the batching of cocktails by guest mixologists, and promotes them using printed menus. Bar staff can be quickly trained on these, and can reduce the time they spend crafting complex beverages ad-hoc.


AASB at Briggs - Launch Party





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