About Thom Ivy

Designing decentralized, scaling, and democratic organizations and practices as part of a mission to fundamentally liberate humankind from coercive political, social, economic and phenomenological systems.


📈 Founder, Edgeware.Agency DAO

A foundation-like DAO staffing talent and setting strategy across development and growth for the Edgeware multichain ecosystem.

🗳 Council, Edgeware Blockchain Elected executive over the 160+ Million USD market-cap cryptonetwork and the most cutting-edge smart contract platform today. Lead grant author. Community architect of their working group and growth strategy. Led the marketing of their token distribution, the novel Lockdrop method - which resulted in the fairest token distribution of Gen 3 networks measured by gini coefficient. Conceived the parabridge case and the initial map to a multichain ecosystem.


🧠 Chief of Staff, Commonwealth Labs

Strategic initiatives at the distributed technology development lab and incubator. Protocol specialist for the Edgeware portfolio. Launched Edgeware as community and marketing lead.


University of Michigan - Ann Arbor, BA Philosophy

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